How to Sharpen Stump Grinder Teeth At once!

A stump grinder that comes with dull teeth is nothing but a piece of decoration. Without this amazing tool, you may not be able to easily grind out tree’s stump and get that smooth, leveled area on your landscape. This fascinating thing is a great way to ensure the roots are never growing back.

However, if you don’t maintain it properly and the teeth become dull, there is not efficient cutting ever coming around. Also, sometimes this causes serious injuries. So, keeping teeth sharp is the best way to go.

Sharpening Stump Grinder’s Teeth

It’s not really hard to get your dull stump grinder teeth back on the job. A few steps for sharpening, and your tool becomes just like a new one. I’ll tell you about the entire process below in steps. These are easy to follow, so don’t worry!

Handling Spark Plug Removal

The spark plug in your stump grinder tool is really risky when sharpening teeth. So always make sure to eliminate it. There are so many incidents where a mysterious accident took place just because of the spark plug. By getting rid of it, your tool won’t start working midway while you are on the job.

Take Out Teeth

  • You need to get the teeth out. Don’t rush and get them out one by one. Take the process gradually and remove teeth in a correct order.
  • A very small set screw is used to keep these teeth attached to the blade. You’ll need a suitable screwdriver to get them out.
  • You can simply attach the new set of teeth if you don’t want to try any sharpening process. This way is simple and less time-consuming.

A Mess-Free Work Space

  • Next, you need to follow certain precautions when it comes to a workplace to do the job.
  • Make sure the area you’ll be working is absolutely free from any kind of debris or dirt. You don’t want them inside your teeth making it vulnerable to damage, right?
  • Also, remember that small particles may be the reason for a sudden fire later. Especially when grinding metal and sparks are raising.
  • You need to be confirmed that there is no flammable liquid near the workplace.
  • Use the metal wheel to set grinder up on one side. Now let the green teeth stump grinder wheel stay on another side.
  • Since you can’t really say how much time the process is going to need, chose a comfortable place. You want to sit or stand there with ease while doing the task.

Using Wheels

  • Start with metal wheel. Use 120-degree angle for setting one of the front plates on your grinder.
  • Let it turn on. Now the grinder should start grinding tooth shank.
  • Keep on going. It should reach the carbide itself.
  • Constantly remove it from the grinder to let it cool down by putting in water.
  • If this becomes too hot, the stump grinder tooth may scorch. This is definitely something you don’t want to happen.
  • Once you are done with metal wheel, let’s move on to the other one. Time for the green wheel grinding.
  • This wheel comes with diamond impregnation. So that carbide of the tooth is possible.
  • Use 90 degrees to set the face plate.
  • Now working against the green wheel, you should grind carbide tooth taking enough time.
  • It should never touch the shank, be careful about that.
  • You should again use water to keep the tool in normal temperature.

Clear Out Dust

  • You are done with the sharpening process. It’s time to blow some compressed air.
  • This process is basically meant to get rid of metal shards and dust.
  • Once the dust and particles are gone, it’s completely clean.
  • You can get a light coating over it by applying some machine oil. This will make it less vulnerable to rust while storing.


Some of you may have the question about how long do stump grinder teeth last. Well, it’s actually hard to tell an exact span of time.

This depends on the frequency of usage and also quality of your stump grinder. After sharpening tooth multiple times, you’ll be able to figure out the lasting time yourself.

Using this simple sharpening process, it’s going to be super easy for anyone with basic knowledge about power tools. I hope the process will be helpful and if you have any questions related, ask me in comment section below. I’ll love to help! Have a Wonderful Day!