How Does A Stump Grinder Work | Let’s Know

A stump grinder is one of the blessings that has helped so many poor souls to get rid of backyard mess in a less amount of time. But many are still in wonder about how does a stump grinder work.

There are many parts that need explanation if one wants to know about the whole mechanism. However, I’ll try to shortly discuss the basics and it’s going to be enough for beginners.

So, let’s go for it!


How Does A Stump Grinder Work?

So, anybody asking how do stump grinders work? Well, let me start with that thing. So basically, stump grinders are a tool with a specialized power option. Here are some more details below.

Stump Grinder & Its Mechanism

They have really robust blades for grinding. These can chew, chip or mulch trees like a pro. The whole thing will go into ground and you won’t have to dig anything at all.

There’s a lot of variety in stump grinder types available in the market these days. Finding the right size is not difficult. The lighter versions are usually easy to work with. They maneuver really well even in spaces that are awkwardly tight.

Someone professional will, however, feel the industrial version is better because they can easily handle more obstinate stumps and large bulks also.

Digging stumps is actually the main thing that could be avoided when you use a grinder. The root balls may be a bit huger, especially when targeted tree is mature. So, digging it will take a lot of effort and time. Sometimes that’s the reason for leaving huge leaves behind with digging method. Same goes for leaving unsightly holes.

However, when you use a stump grinder, eliminating the above stump from ground becomes ten times faster and easier. So that you can plant on a smooth surface. This is usually preferable when you want to grow a small plant in the place.

However, if you want to plant another large tree here, more work needs to be done. You will have to clear soil without the leftover roots.

Sometimes there are risks of plant regrowing in the same spot. This could be because the leftover root system still resides in that spot. This mostly depends on what type of tree or soil condition is present. Also, the robustness of root plays a big part. So, for maximum projects, stump grinders can be a great solution.

There is a rotating disc that is serrated inside a stump grinder. It looks huge and bit tiring to use. However, the usage is not that difficult for some reason. These disk rotation or teeth is actually responsible for the grinding process. There are teeth attached within the hydraulic lever of different types of stump grinders. Most of the type will allow these to move up, down, left and right.

How Much do Professional Grinding Services Cost?

After knowing how to use a stump grinder, if you feel the chore is way too much, just get some professional help. These are actually not that expensive. However, taking help multiple times will cost a huge amount.

It usually takes fifty to five hundred dollars considering the stump size. The overall cost will hugely be depending on the stump type. A larger stump will need more effort and time, so obviously, cost will be a bit higher.


So, that was a sneak peek about how does a stump grinder works and the cost of professional services. I am not against any services, but you can save a good amount by trying it yourself. It’s not that hard but a bit daunting undoubtedly.

So eventually, it depends on your preference and needs. I hope you have a better idea of the entire thing now. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, in the comment section below. Till then, enjoy the writing!